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..but japanese?

Just a dress thats like tight and elegant and from Japanese culture.
No kimono though.
No worries, but just need to tell that i love you all and thanks for everything

For tickinggears by blodbear

Taking a break from any social media..
Since what happened and what is happening i've been pretty much unhappy.
I've just been so fed up these past days and weeks, ah well..
Goodbye everyone, and I might see you later.

Take care.
So yeah, as you noticed im not drawing that much lately.. Might be a while to get back into drawing.
The things I promised to make, dont worry about them, i'll make them..

I got things to do for school and yeah.
The last past days ive been not feeling well, sick and depressed, so taking it easy is pretty hard..

Im sorry guys
So hey guys, i haven't talked in a while, so I thought, why not?

Well I don't upload nor draw that much anymore, not that I stop drawing lolmaoam.
Iv been busy with thinking of the 4 with their story alot.
I kinda settled it now, I know where they're going to so:
I had in mind that I go back to the time when the 4 had their red clothes again, that they were a team.
I'm changing the clothes ofcourse, but they'll get armor and a class that'll fit them.
They live in a Steampunk mixed with a medieval theme anyway.
So there we go

About other things, in meantime i still have 2 ATs and 1 Comm to go, its almost holiday (today last day school) so they'll be done asap
And for the rest, well, you'll see B)

I hope there are still people that are interested in my art and OCs!
We had a schooltrip.

Well lately iv been drawing MUCH less than usually.

Reason one is cuz my close best friend you all know as Josey here but irl ended our friendship.
So thats the reason i changed Joseys design actually

Second reason is cuz of school, have alot to do etc :/

So sorry..
Well i uploaded this yesterday:
JMG: Sonic CD - Fun is Infinite. by TickingGears

And its one of my older series of drawing i used to do which Jam goes into games with creepy, mysterious, strange things or easter eggs.
Might even creepypasta's or weird games in general XD

But idk if you guys are interested in it or something, in the past i used to use deviantart more which other people did aswell.
But if u guys do, thanks <3

I hope it get as many views as the previous JMG so i still have a good feeling about it, and that its still welcome like before!

I try to upload more now!

Hope u guys like it
Kazotsky Kick by Aztec-Necromancess

He made this awesome gif aimation of his OC Isu.
Imo he needs some support!

So check his art out, fave some shit and watch him (if u want to)

It'd be a great pleassure to him~!
My birthday is coming up in 2 days and I asked my best friend out ;;
Tho I have NO clue, at all, what we can do ;-;

I saved up to 200 euros

Does anyone has a suggestion maybe? ;-;
Add me if you want~!

I want to go back to before, when i uploaded alot more on DA than I do now!
Might open req, ATs and such on one time!

I want to grow more in 2017!

Hope you guys want to support me with this!
Idk, deviantart feels less. good lately.
So when I finish big pics i will upload them on Twitter and on here.
But everything else i'll do on Twitter.
I wont do a kiriban this time, but at 100k there'll be one! c:
Can I reach 90k pageviews in 2 days? B)
(just idfk 80 to go or so)
Thinking of new ideas for WoT
Scrapped whole idea from before, so WoT is storyless atm.

Have been thinking of Joselyn living in a retro futurism world where she tries to find, capture and anything else myths.
Idfk it can be anything creepy idfk. Plus she has this polaroid camera to capture shit.

Second idea was original vampires. done.

For the rest i have no idea.

Only things that i keep is Joselyn living in a retro futurism world, plus with creepy shit going on.

If u have ideas or suggestions please tell me ;; im desperate.